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Coupon Codes & DealsDiscountStatus
Get coolers for up to 15%off with this Yeti discount code15%OffExpired
10%off in the Yeti mug sale10%OffExpired
25%off select cups and drinkware in the Yeti Black Friday sale25%OffExpired
Yeti promo code forup to 10%off in thetumbler and rambler sale10% OffExpired

Newsletter Savings

While they don’t always offer discounts on the website, there are still a few ways that you can save on your next Yeti tumbler for work or a shiny new water bottle to take around town. The easiest way to guarantee that you never miss out on another deal again is by signing up for the newsletter. Then you’ll be the first to hear about new products or colours, upcoming sales in your area, and you may even receive a few surprise Yeti promo code offers along the way in the email offers! Don’t forget that we’ll also be posting all of the latest sales and other offers right on this page for your convenience the next time you shop online.

How to Redeem Coupons

Once you’ve browsed our page for the best Yeti discount code and promo code offers, all that’s left to do is check out. Just add all of your desired items to your shopping cart and enter the code under “view cart” or on the checkout page under the payment section. Be sure that your code has been applied before submitting your order for those Yeti tumblers, coolers, dog bowls, or other exciting products to ensure that you’re paying the lowest price!

Placing Your Order

Yeti wants you to receive your new products as soon as possible, which is why it makes every effort to process your order quickly so you can put your items to use sooner. Once you’ve checked out all of the latest Yeti deals and discounts both on the website and through this page, all that’s left is figuring out delivery. It currently offers free shipping on contiguous Canada orders of $50 or more. Otherwise, ground shipping is available at a flat rate of $5. Don’t forget to apply a discount code to save!

Top Yeti Products

Since its inception in 2006, Yeti has grown tremendously from its humble beginnings as a cooler company. It now has a wide variety of products that are built to help you enjoy more of your adventures and spend less time worrying about your drinks, food, and pets getting too warm or too cold.

The Yeti Colster is its solution for keeping your canned drink cool the whole time you’re drinking it. So, whether you’re floating on a raft relaxing on the lake or you’re hiking a mountain in the thick of summer, you can rest easy knowing that your drink will stay cool the whole time you’re drinking it, keeping you hydrated and ready for whatever outdoor adventure you end up in next.

The Travel Mug and Coffee Mug are both the best solutions for coffee and tea lovers everywhere. Let’s face it, most travel mugs around are a real pain to use. They are bulky and awkward and don’t fit in most car cup holders, which means you end up holding them in your lap, sometimes resulting in spills and stained work clothes, or you place them on the passenger seat or in your purse. We all know what happens to that drink on the passenger seat when you slam the brakes. Coffee ends up everywhere, except in your mouth! The Yeti travel mug solves this problem with a tapered bottom and lifted large handle that is built to fit into all standard car cup holders. The leak-resistant lid means you can take on those bumpy backroads on the way to your next adventure and rest easy knowing that your coffee will stay in the mug and stay hot for your enjoyment. Topping it all off is that when you get home from your trekking you can throw it in the dishwasher for easy cleaning and it will be ready in no time for your next outing.

#Builtforthewild on Social Media

Need a little inspiration about how many uses the Yeti products have? Or maybe you’re looking to enter a contest or snag an exclusive discount code? If you answered yes to either of these questions, then Yeti’s social media channels are where you want to be! You can tag them using the hashtag #builtforthewild when one of the products makes it into your travel photographs, and they might repost it or put it on the #builtforthewild page on the website. Scrolling through you can see just how durable these outdoor accessories are from all the different places around the world that they have been used and abused and still look and work like new.

Yeti Product Registration

Once you receive your new item you can head back to the Yeti website and register it. This will help you with any warranty claims you may have in the future. Yeti makes the usually boring registration process exciting by offering a free gift with the registration of a new product. Simply fill out the form with your information and expect your free gift to arrive in 6-8 weeks. Registration is only available at this time for Canadian and USA residents. Any shoppers from Australia and New Zealand are welcome to contact customer service.

Returns Policy at

Yeti stands behind its products and wants to make sure that you are satisfied with your purchase, which is why it offers a 30-day money-back policy. The product must be in its original packaging, unused, and not have any customizations. So whether you have a Yeti Thermos that you just wish you got in a different colour or you have changed your mind about your purchase, simply contact customer service to get your pre-paid shipping label and you can send your order back. Please note that any original shipping costs will not be refunded, nor will any costs associated with sending the order back.

Accessories that Work!

When shopping on any site, you can usually go down a rabbit hole of accessories that don’t always add much value to your products. That is definitely not the case at Yeti. The accessories available for the coolers only enhance its usability and improve your overall experience outdoors.

The small Rambler bottle sling fits an 18oz bottle and comfortably sits around your shoulders, so you can keep your hands free while you hike, load up the truck, or chase the kids around, all while keeping your drink within reach. No more scrambling through a packed backpack to find your water bottle when you need it most!

The SideKick Dry Gearcase is your solution for keeping all your valuables safe and dry if you anticipate being around water. So the next time you go fishing you can rest easy knowing your keys, money, phone and fishing license are all dry and safe. You can attach it to your belt or to a number of coolers available from Yeti. It is 100% waterproof and has mesh inserts inside to keep all your belongings separated and organized, so you know just where everything is when and if you need it.

Finally, the Yeti Thin Ice pack has a unique shape that freezes faster and fits into your coolers with ease, keeping your drinks cool for hours on end!


How do you get 20% off of a YETI? ›

Veterans, active duty, retirees, inactive reserves, and National Guard are eligible for a 20% discount on YETI coolers, tumblers, and other products.

How to get a discount at YETI? ›

You may use the YETI discount online by signing into your account with the approved email. When shopping at YETI retail locations, you may show your government ID at checkout to receive discounted pricing.

Is there student discount on YETI? ›

Yeti does not currently offer a student discount. However, the company may offer one in the future, so check back regularly.

How to get free shipping from YETI? ›

YETI offers free UPS Ground shipping on qualified orders $25.00 and up shipped in the contiguous United States only.

Does REI 20% work on YETI? ›

REI Members Can Score 20% Off a Yeti Cooler, Salomon Boots and a Ton of Other Gear.

Does REI 20 coupon work on YETI? ›

REI Co-op members can get 20% off their next full-price find—shop Patagonia, Yeti and more. REI members can save 20% on any purchase at REI. — Recommendations are independently chosen by Reviewed's editors. Purchases you make through our links may earn us and our publishing partners a commission.

What is the product code for YETI? ›

Your YETI product has a small sticker with a 12-digit serial number and QR code. It's out of plain sight, but easy to find. This will be different from the product UPC code that starts in either "8888" or "100". Check out the images below to locate the sticker on your YETI product.

What time of year does YETI have sales? ›

We recommend shopping clearance sales and end-of-season sales in months like April and September to catch deals on seasonal colors. You can typically expect YETI coolers on sale during the following months: Amazon Prime Day or Early Access sale (July and October) REI Anniversary Sale (May)

How do I use a YETI promo code? ›

Enter your YETI promo code in the box that says “Enter Promo Code.” Click “Apply” to enjoy your YETI discount.

Why is YETI so expensive? ›

In summary, the high cost of Yeti coolers can be attributed to their innovative design, superior construction, unparalleled insulation, heavy-duty components, certified bear-resistance, excellent warranty and customer service, and environmental commitment.

What is the free gift when you register your YETI Cup? ›

If you own a YETI product, be sure to head over to their website to register it and in return, they will send you a little thank-you gift that includes five stickers! You can use your stickers to decorate YETI drinkware, coolers or pretty much anything!

Why did YETI raise prices? ›

This is due to increased production costs, which means we are unable to hold our current pricing structure. Over the last 12 months we have done everything in our power to attempt to mitigate this, but unfortunately we find ourselves at the mercy of the global supply shortages.

How much is YETI government discount? ›

20% Off for Government Employees.

What gift does YETI give you? ›

For all people who register their YETI, we will provide a free gift for every registration of Tundra, Hopper, Cargo, Tank or Bag. This can come in the form of stickers, pins and potentially bottle openers.

Why are YETI mugs being recalled? ›

Yeti has recalled about 241,500 Rambler travel mugs because a magnetic slide mechanism on the lid can pop off, letting hot liquid spill and potentially burn someone. Yeti has received two reports of the mechanism ejecting when filled with a hot liquid.

Is there anything better than YETI? ›

Coleman is a dependable brand that offers products at reasonable prices, so it's no wonder that one of the best Yeti cooler alternatives is a Coleman cooler. The Coleman Xtreme 5 Cooler is a cut above their standard model, making it a good Yeti dupe.

Why did Lowes stop carrying YETI? ›

Yeti has decided to end sales to Lowe's after two years. The premium cooler and tumblers maker cited supply chain disruptions and a heightened focus on core wholesale and direct-to-consumer channels as motivating the move.

How often does REI do 20 off? ›

The REI 20% off coupon schedule is typically four big sales every year. This is the time to get the best deals: Member Sale in March (after your annual dividends come out), Anniversary Sale (around Memorial Day) in May, a Labor Day Sale in September, along with some holiday sales in the fall.

How much is the first responder discount at YETI? ›

Yeti offers first responders 20% off select items with verification through

How much is the REI member discount? ›

Every REI store has a full-service bike shop, and many of our locations also have snow shops for skis and snowboards. Provide your membership information when you drop off your gear for service to obtain your 20% discount (parts not included).

How much is military discount at YETI? ›

About YETI

They offer a 20% military discount online.

Who manufactures YETI? ›

YETI is an American manufacturer specializing in outdoor products such as ice chests, vacuum-insulated stainless-steel drinkware, soft coolers, and related accessories. They are based in Austin, Texas. YETI Holdings, Inc. U.S.

Can you customize YETI after purchase? ›

Yes, you can customise your YETI after buying.

Did Walmart break deal with YETI? ›

The lawsuit includes a total of 16 counts—the first being the breach of the original settlement, which Walmart did by continuing to sell the products and by neglecting to provide notices to YETI that validated its compliance with the settlement, which it was obligated to do by Nov.

Does YETI ever do Black Friday? ›

It can be hard to find YETI deals, but it's possible. You just need to be persistent and check multiple places throughout the year. It's especially smart to look for YETI products during big sales like Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Another great way to find deals on YETI products is to buy preowned.

Will YETI have a Black Friday? ›

During Black Friday week, opens what they call the Gear Garage. You won't find discounts here, but instead rare, special edition products in limited quantities. In 2021, Gear Garage took place over one week, starting the Tuesday before Black Friday.

Where are promo codes? ›

Basic strategies for finding coupon codes
  • Google search. The most basic way to find discount codes is to run a quick Google search. ...
  • Coupon toolbars & extensions. ...
  • Coupon websites. ...
  • Store's own coupon page. ...
  • Newsletter signup. ...
  • Live chat. ...
  • Abandon your shopping cart. ...
  • Slickdeals.
Dec 12, 2022

What are the promo codes? ›

What Are Promo Codes? Promo codes are alphanumeric codes that can be applied to online orders – usually during the checkout stage of the online customer journey. This code can be entered into an ecommerce website to gain a discount on a product or service like free shipping, for example.

What is use promo code? ›

What are promo codes? Promotional codes are alphanumeric strings that online stores offer to encourage purchases on their website and are typically associated with an overarching promotional marketing strategy. The discount associated with a promo code can apply to individual products or an entire order.

What is cheaper than YETI but just as good? ›

RTIC Coolers

In fact, most tests show that RTIC performs about the same or better than YETI when comparing the ice life of each cooler. Though YETI coolers tend to be a bit lighter and feature higher-quality latch and handle construction, RTIC offers a similar style of rotomolded cooler offered at a much lower price.

What does YETI stand for? ›

The Tibetan root of yeti is yeh-teh, "small manlike animal." Definitions of yeti. a large hairy humanoid creature said to live in the Himalayas. synonyms: abominable snowman. type of: legendary creature.

Is Igloo as good as YETI? ›

If you're in need of a tough as nails cooler that will keep everything chilled for several days, there's no doubt that Yeti is a solid choice. Igloo's coolers are less durable and don't perform as well or for as long as their Yeti counterparts.

Why do people buy YETI cups? ›

People swear by their Yeti tumblers for good reason. They actually keep your drinks cold, ice unmelted, and seltzer bubbly for hours. Plus, the insulation and large size make them perfect for outdoor activities. In fact, we named a Yeti the best outdoor water bottle for its durability and insulation.

Do you need proof of purchase for YETI warranty? ›

In order for your warranty claim to be approved, the following conditions must be met: You must have purchased the product from a YETI website, store, or authorized dealer; You must provide proof as to the date of purchase from the YETI website, store or authorized dealer; You must return the product to YETI; and.

How long is YETI warranty? ›


Paint and finish are covered for 1-year. We will repair or replace, at our discretion, any frame we deem defective. There are a few conditions: you must register it online at and you must take it to an authorized Yeti Cycles dealer for processing.

Is YETI made in USA? ›

Where are YETI Coolers Made? Corporate YETI Tundra Coolers are manufactured in the USA at facilities located in Iowa and Wisconsin as well as at an international facility located in the Philippines. The well-known custom YETI Hopper Coolers and logo branded YETI Ramblers are manufactured abroad in China.

What was the issue with YETI? ›

About 1.9 million Yeti brand coolers and soft gear cases were recalled by the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission on Thursday because various products' magnet closures could detach and cause serious injury.

What makes Yeti coolers better? ›

YETI Coolers are rugged and outperform at every opportunity, but durability is just one of the benefits. With up to two inches or more of insulation in the walls and lids of most sizes, combined with a freezer-quality sealing gasket and one-piece construction, YETI provides industry-leading ice retention.

Is YETI with the NRA? ›

Also, the rumor that Yeti wishes to “cut ties” with the NRA is not true, according to Yeti. Rather, Yeti simply “no longer wished to be an NRA vendor”.

Who does YETI market to? ›

Yeti ambassadors are avid outdoors enthusiasts promoting the brand through their adventures, whether hunting or rock climbing. Ambassadors in the outdoor industry are huge.

Can I return a YETI gift? ›

How do I return a product I bought with my gift card or YETI gift card? You may return any non-customized YETI products within 30 days of purchase. Please visit our self-service return portal to obtain a prepaid return shipping label.

Who has Yeti sued? ›

YETI Sues Sellers of Imitation Tumblers for Trade Dress Infringement. On Wednesday, YETI Coolers, Inc. filed a complaint to the Western District of Texas against Love Deals Inc. and Endliss Technology Inc.

Why does my Yeti cup smell like metal? ›

Residual Smell Or Flavors

For most stainless steel drinkware, there are actually tiny crevices on the surface of stainless steel that substances can get stuck in. And this explains why your stainless steel drinkware smells bad and your drinks taste funky.

Why does my Yeti cup smell bad? ›

Anything you've drank out of your Yeti that has a sugar base will hide in the crevices and cause a smell and bacteria build up over time. So don't be afraid to remove the plastic ring and thoroughly soak and clean it and it's area it is attached to.

How much is the government discount for YETI? ›

20% Off for Government Employees.

Where is the YETI QR Code? ›

What is a serial number and where can I find it on my YETI? Your YETI product has a small sticker with a 12-digit serial number and QR code. It's out of plain sight, but easy to find. This will be different from the product UPC code that starts in either "8888" or "100".

How do I use a promo code online? ›

To use a coupon, click on the offer, and a window will appear where you can copy the code. When you check out on the store's website, paste the code in the promo code field. Stores sometimes call this a promo code, but it is also known as a promotional code, coupon code or, discount code.

Why did Lowe's drop YETI? ›

Yeti has decided to end sales to Lowe's after two years. The premium cooler and tumblers maker cited supply chain disruptions and a heightened focus on core wholesale and direct-to-consumer channels as motivating the move.

Why are people boycotting YETI? ›

National Rifle Association supporters are destroying their expensive Yeti items because of an alleged misunderstanding about a discount program. The NRA sent a letter Friday to its members claiming the outdoor sports company had cut ties with the gun-rights advocate group and "refused to say why."

What is the markup on YETI? ›

Few companies have mastered the task on par with Yeti Holdings (YETI 0.26%), the purveyor of popular mugs and coolers. The company's gross margins of well over 55% are proof that people are willing to pay up for Yeti's goods.

What is military discount on YETI? ›

About YETI

They offer a 20% military discount online.


The YETI corporation is an American company based in Austin, Texas. Founded in 2006 by brothers, Roy and Ryan Seiders, custom YETI insulated coolers and drinkware were created to stand up against the toughest adventures and weather elements!

Is my YETI original? ›

On the bottom of a real Yeti mug, you'll find the name Yeti in big letters across the entire base. Along the edge, it says "Designed in Texas. Made in China.," followed by an eight- or ten-digit serial number. Fake Yeti mugs will be blank, or if they have the logo, they might now have where it was designed or made.


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